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Chubby Snacks - PB&J Sandwiches

$15 $16

Savor guilt-free indulgence with Chubby Snacks PB&J Sandwiches, a tantalizing revelation in the realm of vegan snacks. Handcrafted by Vegan Essentials, this 4-pack assortment unveils a symphony of flavors, blending classic favorites with innovative twists, all encased in scrumptious, plant-based delights. Each sandwich harmonizes creamy peanut butter and succulent fruit jam between two tender, wholesome cookies.

Vegan and Plant-Based: Crafted entirely from plant-based ingredients, ideal for individuals seeking compassionate, vegan snacks.

Diverse Flavors: Delve into a diverse array of tastes, ranging from timeless strawberry to adventurous raspberry-habanero, appealing to a wide spectrum of palates.

Convenient Packaging: Presented in a convenient 4-pack, perfect for on-the-go nibbling or satisfying cravings in the comfort of home.

Wholesome Composition: Formulated with wholesome components, these sandwiches eschew artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, prioritizing natural goodness.

Irresistibly Delicious: Gratify your cravings guiltlessly, relishing the delightful blend of flavors while upholding ethical values with every bite of these PB&J sandwiches.